Camelopardus flagrans (hotgiraffe) wrote,
Camelopardus flagrans

е-буки (fiction)

Benjamin Black — Holy Orders: A Quirke Novel
Alvaro Enrigue — Hypothermia
Neil Gaiman — Fortunately, the Milk
Desmond Hogan — House of Mourning and Other Stories
László Krasznahorkai — Seiobo There Below
Hervé Le Tellier — Electrico W
Jonathan Lethem — Dissident Gardens: A Novel
Joshua Fields Millburn — Days After the Crash
Dylan Nice — Other Kinds
A. G. Porta — No World Concerto
Thomas Pynchon — Bleeding Edge
Giedra Radvilaviciute — Those Whom I Would Like to Meet Again
Luke Rhinehart — The Search for the Dice Man
Raymond Roussel — Impressions of Africa
Will Self — Grey Area
Will Self — My Idea of Fun
Will Self — Tough, Tough Toys for Tough, Tough Boys
Will Self — Walking to Hollywood: Memories of Before the Fall
D. Harlan Wilson — Diegeses
D. Harlan Wilson — The Kyoto Man [SciKungFi 3]

dl all the books in this post: [epub] | [epub mirror] | [mobi] | [mobi mirror]
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