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Jesse Ball — A Cure for Suicide: A Novel
Matthew Beaumont — Nightwalking: A Nocturnal History of London
Scott Berkun — The Ghost of My Father
Louis de Bernières — Notwithstanding: Stories from an English Village
Louis de Bernières — The Dust That Falls From Dreams
Alex Garland — The Coma
Harry Stephen Keeler — Find the Clock
Harry Stephen Keeler — Sing Sing Nights
Harry Stephen Keeler — The Amazing Web
Harry Stephen Keeler — The Fourth King
Harry Stephen Keeler — The Riddle of the Yellow Zuri
Harry Stephen Keeler — The Washington Square Enigma
PJ Manney — (R)evolution
James Morrow — The Cat's Pajamas: And Other Stories
Sam Pink — Person
Sam Pink — The No Hellos Diet
Sam Pink — The Self-Esteem Holocaust Comes Home
Sam Pink — Witch Piss
Linda Rosenkrantz — Talk
Jim Shepard — The Book of Aron: A novel
Rebecca Solnit — Men Explain Things to Me
Kenn Thomas — Popular Parapolitics: Pop Culture Conspiracies
Richard Weiner — The Game for Real

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